Disproving Child Abuse Allegations: Where to Look for Help

Fighting Allegations

If you find yourself facing allegations of child abuse and an associated child welfare case, you may be panicking. There is a lot at stake. Depending on the findings, you could lose the right to live with or contact your child if you don’t prevail at your hearing. Unfortunately, not all allegations of abuse are valid, and not all parents deserve to lose their rights. Disproving child abuse allegations is complex and requires detailed knowledge of the court, New Jersey’s child welfare agency, and how to challenge evidence. You should definitely enlist some credible help when facing such costly allegations.

If you are dealing with the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P), you will want to find an attorney who has years of experience working with the child welfare system in New Jersey. Understand that there could be some surprises and setbacks during this process. It is hard to challenge findings that are being withheld from you or present convincing evidence in your favor. Facing and then overcoming unexpected hurdles may take a lot out of you at a time when you should be focused on your child. Attorneys with experience disproving child abuse allegations will know how to identify and challenge weak evidence or questionable findings. There are many rules about who can submit what evidence and how it can be used. And, in child abuse cases, the evidence can be minimal or inconclusive.

An attorney can also do what it takes to present you in a favorable light. Trying to represent yourself in such an action can make it very difficult to do this. This is best accomplished by selecting effective testimony and records that demonstrate your credibility. When the system seems to be against you, the help a skilled child welfare attorney can provide will be invaluable.

You will also want to find an attorney who believes in you and wants to see your rights as a parent protected. Your rights as a parent are among your most important rights. To best protect those rights, it is essential to find an attorney who knows how to disprove allegations as serious as child abuse.

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