Conclusion to Blog Series on False Abuse and Neglect Allegations

Standing accused of false allegations of abusing or neglecting your children can be one of the most painful and emotional experiences you will ever face in your life.

Congratulations on working your way through our blog series on this topic. You’ve taken a brave first step to understanding what challenges you face and what resources might be available to you. Hopefully, this series has begun to return to you a sense of clarity and control.

Over the past few weeks, we defined the critical terms and processes involved in New Jersey abuse and neglect cases, and we discussed strategic and tactical tools a falsely accused parent can use to restore parental rights, challenge unfair actions by DCP&P, negotiate more effectively, and communicate in a loving, clear fashion with your child throughout the experience. We also touched upon how to handle myriad problems in your life that are related, if only peripherally, to your case. Finally, we discussed how to find appropriate legal help and to communicate in a coherent, resourceful manner with your legal representative.

Whether you are a falsely accused parent – or you are a medical provider, psychologist or criminal defense lawyer who works with falsely accused parents – we’d love to speak with you at length and in confidence about your case and your needs. Please call us at (908) 810-1083 today to set up the consultation, or discover more about what we do and why at

We wish you the best of luck and healing as you navigate the complexities ahead of you. Stay strong. Stay focused. You can clear your name and restore your family to wholeness.

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