An Overview of the Education of Children in Out-of-Home Placement

An Overview of the Education of Children in Out-of-Home PlacementThe Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) has the authority to remove children from their parents’ care and them in foster care. As a parent, you may wonder what life will be like for your children while they are in foster care. This is especially true for parents of school-aged children, who may wonder whether or not their child’s education will continue in foster care. To ease your mind, here’s an overview of the education of children in out-of-home placement:

Do Children Get to Stay in Their Pre-Placement Schools?

The DCPP will try to make the transition to out-of-home placement as easy as possible for children by keeping them enrolled in their pre-placement schools. But, it is possible that the DCPP will find that staying in the pre-placement school is not in the best interests of the child. In this case, the DCPP will immediately enroll the child in the school within the foster home’s school district. It’s important to note, however, that the child will remain enrolled at their pre-placement school. This means the child can switch back to the pre-placement school if they are reunified with their family in their future.

Determining What’s in the Best Interests of the Child

The DCPP does not determine what school is in the best interests of the child on its own. Instead, it consults with a number of other parties, including the parents, child, and school officials. Some of the factors that are taken into consideration when making this decision include:

  • Safety
  • Need for special education courses
  • Child’s performance in the pre-placement school
  • Child’s ability to adjust to changes and make new friends
  • Likelihood of reunification
  • Distance between the foster care home and the pre-placement school

Parents or guardians may not agree with the DCPP’s decision to transfer their child to another school. If a parent or guardian does not agree with the DCPP, they can ask the court to review the decision to determine if it’s really in the best interests of the child. This request must be made within five business days of the DCPP’s decision. While the court reviews the case, the child will remain in the pre-placement school.

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