A Way Out of Isolation When Facing False Abuse Allegations

Be resourceful in terms of how you solicit help from good people and trustworthy institutions. While you can find a lot of “support” from places like Facebook, you need to be careful. First of all, information that you post online can be potentially used against you during your case. When typing an email or sharing something on a social site, imagine how you would feel if your words were read aloud in a courtroom. Regulate your conduct thusly. Second of all, communicating with strangers over the web is not the same thing as getting personalized, responsive, professional support.

Handling Your Finances Effectively

Child abuse and neglect cases often (but not always) coincide with other family rifts.

For instance, maybe you and the other parent are in the throes of a divorce. Or you may be struggling with a job crisis. Financial uncertainties can compound your problems. A professional bookkeeper or financial advisor can help you reclaim some control in this area.

With tools like a working household budget, a sensible savings and retirement plan, and a strategy for your career, you can more flexibly respond to the needs of the moment. First off, be radically honest with yourself, and identify what’s true now about your situation:

  • How much money do you have in your various accounts?
  • What are your assets and debts?
  • What’s happening with your job and career?

As much as you would love to roll back the clock to a time before the allegations, pay attention to what’s true in your life now, financially and otherwise. Next, develop a complete set of goals for your finances. Don’t worry about how you’ll get to where you want to go; first, just establish a “starting line” and a “finish line” that are based on real numbers and present objectives. Once these goalposts are in place, you can then start the (potentially fun) work of brainstorming creative solutions to get from A to B faster, more efficiently and with less effort. For instance, to conserve money, you could move in with a parent or a friend. Alternatively, you might move your child from private school to public school until your legal situation has been resolved.

The Bottom Line When It Comes to Reclaiming Control Over Your Life

Whether you are wrestling with false abuse and neglect allegations or just trying to get a grip on the challenges of the day-to-day, remember these two basic strategies.

  1. Strive to “think better” about your problems.
  2. Recruit great people to meet your needs and find solutions.

Neither of these strategies is simple. No recipe can guarantee results and help you feel happy and comfortable about your situation. However, if you invest time into learning how to think, analyze, and reflect on your life more resourcefully; and if you devote time and energy looking for great people, you are more likely to be sharp, focused and ready for your case.

Here are other useful exercises and articles that can help you understand and meet the challenges caused by the false abuse and neglect allegations:

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