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Child Support for Morris, NJ

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The Child support NJ system can be hard to navigate, especially if you are new to the process and have never attempted this before. The laws can sometimes make it difficult to file paperwork on your own or get information on your own case from the court house.And then there is the issue of dealing with the matter with your ex-partner, the father or mother of your children. If the relationship is ending or has already ended then there was a reason for that. If you are not able to get along with them, then negotiating child support on your own will likely be difficult.

Our firm has many years of experience in Child support NJ matters and we have developed the professionalism and care required to handle delicate family matters without starting a war with your ex-partner. We have established relationships with the other local family court lawyers so we can work with them to reach a settlement that is a win-win for everyone, as much as possible in this situation. You get an entire team to work for you when you choose our firm, not just one lawyer assigned to your case.

Our retainer fees are affordable because we know how moving from a dual income household to a single income household with some child support being awarded from your ex-partner may put an initial strain on your finances. We pride ourselves on our ability to treat our clients with care and respect, especially during this difficult time.

We urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience to see how we can best meet your needs. Our experienced staff will make you feel right at home from the first instant that you set foot in our offices. It is not usually encouraged for you to bring your children with you to a meeting with our legal team only because children should not be involved in this process unless absolutely necessary because it could affect their overall mental health. We want your child to feel comfortable with this process and would never do anything to turn them against your ex-partner.

Our next suggestion for the best interest of your child during the process of seeking child support through the Child support NJ system is to not argue with your ex-partner in front of your children. Children, even young ones, remember much more than we think so they will remember how both of you handled the split up of your relationship. Give them an experience that is conducive to emotional growth for your children.

We know how much your children mean to you since we have families ourselves. We understand how difficult the child support process in Mercer County can be if you don’t have an experienced legal guide to help you to navigate the system. We know that you need an emotional support system and work to provide you with the support you need to help you through this trying time.