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When driving a vehicle, people might speed because they are not paying attention to the speed limit or think they will get to their destination faster. However, getting pulled over by a police officer could add more time to your drive and result in fines.

Tickets like this are common in New Jersey courts and receiving one could lead to points on your license and higher insurance premiums. If you have been cited for driving too fast, our Short Hills speeding ticket lawyers could help reduce your penalties. Talk to a qualified traffic attorney now to learn about how you can keep your driving record clean.

Penalties for Speeding in Short Hills

Traffic violations and points can add up quickly if a driver is not careful. An experienced Short Hills speeding citation attorney could explain New Jersey’s traffic fines and penalties.

The fine for a driver traveling one to nine miles over the limit is $85. Speeds exceeding 35 to 39 miles over the limit can result in fines up to $260. If a driver speeds in a school or construction zone, or exceeds a 65 mile per hour speed limit by more than ten miles per hour, fines can double.

A driver convicted of speeding must also pay a state surcharge. If the driver accumulates six points, the surcharge is $150. For each point over six, the driver must pay an additional $25. Additionally, a driver who chooses to go to court to challenge their speeding citation must pay court costs of $34.

New Jersey’s Driver’s License Point System

If someone is convicted of driving too fast in New Jersey, the state Motor Vehicle Commission can add points to that person’s driving record. While a judge usually determines how many points to assign, if the driver’s speed exceeds 30 miles per hour over the limit, they will likely face up to five points on their license. Depending on the circumstances, they could also be charged with reckless driving.

Traffic points could cause the driver’s insurance company to increase the premiums or revoke the insurance policy altogether. If a driver receives 12 or more points in two years, the state could suspend their license.

Reducing Points

There are ways someone could reduce these points. A driver who completes a state-approved driver improvement program could clear three points from their license.

The Motor Vehicle Commission automatically removes three points for each year a driver does not get a speeding ticket or another traffic violation. It is important to note that even though points are removed after a period of time, the traffic violation remains on the driver’s record indefinitely.

Rather than risking unnecessary points and penalties, a driver charged with this offense should consult a Short Hills attorney familiar with cases when someone gets fined for driving faster than the legal limit.

What if the Driver Fails to Appear in Court?

A driver charged with speeding could choose to pay the fine and avoid a court hearing. However, if someone wishes to contest a ticket, they must appear in court and present a defense. In some circumstances, a driver may be eligible for an affidavit of hardship if they are legitimately unable to appear in court. Someone facing a fine like this should discuss how to proceed with a capable traffic violation attorney in Short Hills.

Call a Short Hills Speeding Ticket Attorney Now

Most people have gotten, or will get, a speeding citation at some point in their lives. The key to avoiding fines, court costs, and increased insurance rates is knowing what to do following a citation. Our qualified Short Hills speeding ticket lawyers could assess your case and explain your legal options. Call one of our legal team’s trusted attorneys today to learn more.

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