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While a traffic ticket might not be the most serious of criminal offenses, the consequences that follow a conviction are real. In some cases, the failure to attend a traffic court hearing could result in a warrant for your arrest.

If you have been ticketed for a traffic violation, you might have a viable defense against the charge. An experienced criminal defense attorney at the Williams Law Group, LLC could ensure you are represented at these hearings. Let a Short Hills traffic lawyer review your case and advise you on the best course of action.

Common Traffic Violations in Short Hills

There are countless traffic violations that can occur under New Jersey law. Most of these offenses are relatively minor compared to other criminal charges, but they have the potential for steep fines. Some of the most commonly charged traffic offenses include:

  • Speeding
  • Following too close
  • Failing to yield
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Driving the wrong way
  • Failing to signal

Many people assume that receiving a traffic ticket means they have no option but to pay the fine. However, it is possible to beat many traffic charges in court. Sometimes, the officer that writes a ticket will not appear in court on the date of the trial. In other cases, an attorney could make it clear during the officer’s testimony that they were mistaken about the events that led to the ticket or potentially misidentified the offending driver. A skilled local attorney could evaluate a traffic case and identify the best defense strategy available.

Mandatory Appearances for Traffic Tickets

Certain traffic offenses in New Jersey require mandatory court appearances. The citation issued by the police will indicate whether or not an appearance is required. The failure to appear at these court dates could result in an additional criminal charge known as failure to appear. Often, the penalties for failing to appear at a court date are steeper than the underlying traffic offense. One of the benefits of hiring legal counsel for a traffic case is that an attorney could appear on your behalf or potentially have the requirement of your appearance waived.

Negotiating a Resolution for Traffic Violations

Not everyone is interested in taking their traffic case to trial and fighting it out in court with the prosecutor. In many cases, individuals who have received a ticket simply want to resolve the charge without hassle or unfair penalties. A traffic attorney in Short Hills could work to negotiate a fair outcome to these cases.

One of the most important aspects of a traffic ticket is the effect a conviction can have on a driver’s insurance policies. A person that is convicted of speeding or committing another moving violation could see their rates go up substantially. Prosecutors generally have options available to them that would allow a driver to plead guilty to an offense that stays off their record. This allows them to resolve the ticket in a way that will not lead to a hike in insurance premiums.

At the Williams Law Group, our traffic lawyers have significant experience handling these situations and could advise on the most beneficial resolution for the circumstances.

Reach Out to a Short Hills Traffic Attorney Immediately

There are many ways an attorney could resolve your traffic ticket in a convenient and fair way. This could include negotiating for a reasonable plea or even taking the case to trial.

Let a Short Hills traffic lawyer save you time and money by resolving your moving violation ticket on your behalf. Call the Williams Law Group, LLC today to get started.

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