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Addressing criminal allegations can be one of the most stressful situations a person faces in their lifetime. Criminal charges have the potential to result in heavy fines, loss of rights, and incarceration. However, a skilled attorney at the Williams Law Group LLC could push back against these charges and help avoid the consequences of a conviction.

If you have been accused of a crime, there is no time to delay when it comes to developing your defense strategy. A Short Hills criminal defense lawyer could help you stand up to the allegations levied against you.

Types of Criminal Charges

The scope of consequences for a criminal charge can vary significantly from one offense to another. Whether a person faces misdemeanor or felony charges, it is crucial to discuss the specifics of the alleged crime and associated penalties with an experienced Short Hills attorney. A criminal defense lawyer could help fight back against either type of criminal allegation.

Felonies are the more serious of the two categories. In general, the penalties associated with a felony involve a minimum of one year in prison. Additionally, felonies are categorized by four degrees, increasing in severity from fourth to first degree.

Misdemeanors—or disorderly person crimes—carry lighter penalties. At a maximum, misdemeanors carry a jail term of no more than a year. There are only two classifications of misdemeanors under state law.

Favorable Outcomes in a Short Hills Criminal Case

There are a few positive outcomes that could result from a criminal prosecution. A skilled local attorney could help fight for a satisfactory end to a criminal case and determine an appropriate strategy for the specific circumstances.


The best possible outcome following an arrest is the dismissal of the criminal charges. The prosecution will not drop charges for no reason, however. Obtaining a dismissal requires a strong defense and an aggressive approach by the defendant.

Reduction in Charges

In some situations, the best available outcome is the reduction of criminal charges to a lesser offense. One of the most important ways this can happen is when the state agrees to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor.

Fair Plea Bargains

There are some situations where the best possible outcome still involves a guilty finding. In fact, most criminal cases are resolved through some form of a guilty plea. In these cases, the role of a defense attorney is to obtain a favorable plea bargain from the prosecutor. This could include reduced charges or limited penalties.


Some criminal cases will go to trial, and sometimes the prosecution will aggressively pursue charges despite a lack of evidence of guilt. In these cases, taking a case to trial with aggressive legal representation could result in the best outcome possible. An acquittal at trial brings criminal proceedings completely to an end.

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