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For most fathers, the prospect of missing out on time with their children is a worst-case scenario. A bad outcome in family court could reduce a father’s time with their children or even eliminate their parental rights entirely.

If you are facing challenges with parental rights, our dedicated family law attorneys could help. Fathers have rights under New Jersey law, and the right legal counsel could help you enforce them. Let a Maplewood father’s rights lawyer serve as your advocate throughout this process.

Rights of a Father

As written, the law does not have any bias toward one gender over another. The rights enjoyed by a father are the same as those held by the mother. Be that as it may, many fathers feel as though the deck is stacked against them during family court proceedings. A father’s rights attorney in Maplewood could ensure the court treats both parties fairly.

The Right to Custody and Visitation

The father of a minor child has a right to custody and visitation, regardless of whether they had previously been married to the mother or not. While the father has the right to seek a legal relationship with their child, it is the court that will ultimately determine the scope of that relationship. The court is required by law to act in the best interest of the child when making these decisions.

If deciding if custody or visitation is appropriate, the court must take into account numerous factors. The New Jersey judge will consider any history of abuse, the fitness of the father as a parent, and the parent’s ability to reach an agreement when it comes to decisions regarding the child.

Adoption Rights

The biological father and mother have rights related to the adoption of a child. A father can either consent or object to a request from another person to adopt their child. While it is unusual for the court to allow an adoption against the will of the biological father, it is important to ensure an experienced Maplewood attorney is there to advocate for a father’s rights.

The Importance of Determining Paternity

A father can only exercise their legal rights as a parent if they have been formally recognized by the courts. In other words, a father must establish paternity before they can seek custody of a child or object to adoption proceedings. A Maplewood father’s rights attorney could help with each step of establishing paternity.

Establishing paternity is rarely an issue if the father is married to the mother at the time of the child’s birth. A father can acknowledge paternity by signing the birth certificate and filing it as required by law.

If parents are not married or there is a paternity dispute, the issue must be resolved through the New Jersey courts. This generally involves the father submitting a DNA test. The court will enter a final order establishing paternity if the DNA test reflects a biological relationship.

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If developing or maintaining a relationship with your children is important to you, it is vital that you seek legal counsel early on in a custody dispute. The stakes are high when it comes to issues of custody or visitation, and the right legal counsel could help you protect your rights. Contact one of our Maplewood father’s rights lawyers today to get started.

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