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Every parent in New Jersey has a legal duty to financially support their children. However, this duty can become complicated in cases where the parents are divorced or were never married. To ensure a child has the resources they need to live and thrive, the court can order the parent that lacks primary physical custody to pay monthly child support.

If you are facing child support issues in New Jersey, let a seasoned family law attorney give you the guidance and advocacy you need. To ensure your rights are protected, speak to a Maplewood child support lawyer at the Williams Law Group, LLC.

Factors in Determining Child Support

The court will make a child support determination based on what is in the child’s best interest. That said, there are many other factors in determining whether support is necessary, and the amount can vary drastically depending on the circumstances. For instance, an award of child support could be much larger for a child with special medical needs.

Does Custody Affect Child Support?

First and foremost, the court will take custody into account when determining support obligations. A court is likely to award child support to a parent with sole custody of a minor child. However, child support could still be awarded even when the other parent has joint custody. The amount of support owed will depend on the amount of time the child spends with each parent, as well as what each parent pays in daily expenses. The more time a child is with a parent, the more financial costs they will face and the less child support they will be required to pay.

How is Child Support Impacted by Financial Means?

The financial circumstances of both parents are relevant to the process of assessing child support. The court must consider not only what a child needs but also what a parent might be able to pay. If the income and assets of one parent far outweigh the other, it could have a significant impact on the amount of support awarded.

It is important to remember that court decisions regarding child support are not final. While parents must comply with these orders, it may be possible to alter child support obligations in the future through a court order. If a parent faces a substantial change in income or other circumstances, a Maplewood lawyer could help them petition the court for a modification of their child support obligation.

Consequences of Unpaid Child Support in Maplewood

Many custodial parents rely on child support, and it can be difficult when they do not receive payments. For those parents, it might be tempting to withhold visitation to the non-custodial parent until these obligations are met. However, violating the terms of the parenting agreement regarding custody is problematic in its own right. A parent that does so could face contempt charges of their own. If a former partner is not paying their child support obligation, a parent should reach out to a skilled local attorney for advice.

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If you are seeking child support or are otherwise preparing for a divorce, work with a dedicated attorney on a strategy that fits your circumstances. Legal counsel can play an important role in ensuring that your rights are protected during the process of addressing child support issues.

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