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Once a court puts into effect a child support order for separated co-parents, it is legally enforceable until that court modifies it following a formal hearing. Anyone who fails to comply with an order has violated state law, and the impacted parent may have grounds to take legal action against the noncompliant parent.

If you are having trouble obtaining the payments you are owed by law from your child’s other parent, speaking with one of our Maplewood child support enforcement lawyers is highly advised. Our dedicated child support attorneys could help you resolve this issue and, if necessary, enforce existing terms with probation involvement or New Jersey family court proceedings.

Is Litigation the Only Way to Enforce Child Support?

Involving the court system is an effective way to compel someone to meet their support order obligations, but it is not always the best option to pursue right away. Failure to pay child support does not always stem from deliberate disobedience or a mismanagement of money, but rather from other circumstances like the loss of a job or simply forgetting to pay on time.

It may be possible to resolve a payment problem by contacting the noncompliant parent directly, working with a mediator, or seeking modification from the court. A Maplewood attorney could discuss options for enforcing child support payments that do not involve litigation during a private consultation.

Legally Enforcing a Maplewood Financial Support Agreement

If someone fails to pay support, the parent who was supposed to receive those payments may begin enforcement proceedings by filing an application with the Superior Court in New Jersey. Based on this application and on child support payment records maintained by the state, the Probation Child Support Enforcement (PCSE) Unit may take action.

One common way the PCSE Unit enforces orders is through income withholding. This involves taking overdue payments directly from whatever after-tax wages or salary the person in arrears receives from work. PCSE may additionally or alternatively obtain the necessary funds from an individual’s tax refund, lottery winnings, or a settlement award they received through a civil claim.

Other sanctions that could be imposed include property seizure, denial of passport issuance, driver’s license suspension, and a decrease in credit score. A child support enforcement attorney in Maplewood could go over specific possibilities for a particular case as it is ongoing.

Enlist a Maplewood Child Support Enforcement Attorney Now

Child support orders carry the full force and authority of the state behind them. Anyone who breaches the terms of one could find themselves facing financial, personal, and legal repercussions. However, that does not mean that enforcing your child support order will be a simple process, especially if you try to do so without professional legal counsel.

One of our Maplewood child support enforcement lawyers could be the ally you need to efficiently preserve your entire family’s future prospects. Call our office today for a consultation.

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