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Child support obligations, custody rights, and parenting time are some aspects of a divorce that the involved parties cannot resolve entirely on their own. Instead, these kinds of arrangement must come in the form of a court order, and once that order is in place, violating any part of it can carry substantial legal consequences.

If your child’s other parent has failed to comply with a custody order, you should contact our Maplewood child custody enforcement lawyers as soon as possible. Whether that person’s breach of the order is intentional or not, addressing it quickly with one of our knowledgeable child custody attorney’s help could be crucial to protecting your family.

Enforcing Custody Orders without Court Involvement

While it is understandable for someone to want to involve the court after a custody issue, it could be possible to address a violation without legal action to ensure future compliance. Working with the other parent directly, with a mediator, or through a child custody enforcement attorney in Maplewood could allow for a mutually beneficial resolution.

Conversely, there are some situations in which involving a family court might not be a rapid enough solution. If there is any indication that the other parent intends to leave New Jersey with the child or could harm the child physically, it may be best to contact law enforcement and have them ensure the child’s immediate safety.

How Could a Maplewood Court Resolve Child Custody Issues?

Most of the time, enforcing child custody in New Jersey is not as simple as talking to the other parent nor urgent enough to immediately involve the police. Instead, a parent in Maplewood seeking to enforce the terms of a child custody order may file a motion with a skilled attorney’s assistance. Together, they may request that a family court imposes sanctions against the parent violating the order.

Depending on the circumstances, the court may elect to pass down various different penalties for continuous or deliberate breaches of a custody order. This could include requiring payment of court costs and attorney fees, mandatory counseling and parenting classes, cost of counseling for the impacted child, mandatory community service, and even a warrant for arrest. The court may also modify the terms of an existing order to decrease the risk of further violations. For instance, they could change which parent is the primary residential parent, arrange for different pick-up times, or award compensatory parenting time to the compliant parent.

Learn More from a Maplewood Child Custody Enforcement Attorney

Enforcing a child custody order can be a stressful experience, particularly if it stems from your child’s other parent intentionally ignoring a court order. However, you do have numerous legal rights and options in a situation like this, all of which compassionate legal counsel could help you effectively utilize.

Our Maplewood child custody enforcement lawyers could work diligently on both your behalf to seek the best possible resolution for your unique situation. Call our New Jersey office today to schedule a meeting.

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