Bird’s Nest Custody

Parents work diligently together to nurture, support, and raise their children.  During a divorce or separation, parents will have to work together to figure out the “new normal” of providing that support and love to their children in a different dynamic.  In the vast majority of cases, parents are able to sit down and agree on issues relating to custody and child support.  One of the main advantages to settling these issues out of court is that you and the other parent can craft a plan that is tailor-made to the needs of your children.  One option you and your spouse may want to consider is bird’s nest custody.

In traditional custody orders, each parent has his or her own home and the child spends some time at one home and some time at the other home.  However, in bird’s nest custody, one home is always the child’s residence and the parents take turns residing in the property during their respective visitation time.  The primary advantage of this type of custody arrangement is that it can give a firmer sense of stability to a child as the child is always living in the same house.  It can also prevent friction between the parents and save money, as the parents do not have to argue over who gets to keep what of the child’s belongings or buy an entirely new set of furniture and clothes to keep at the other parent’s residence.

A potential drawback to this approach is that it is only suitable for those parents who are truly capable of communicating well and respecting the other spouse’s boundaries.  Bird’s nest custody means that for at least part of the time, your former spouse will be living in the same place that you also call home.

Bird’ nest custody can be especially useful for very young children or children with special needs.  These children are often much more comfortable in a stable setting, and bird’s nest custody provides an avenue by which the parents can provide a lot of stability to that child.  Parents may also want to consider bird’s nest custody as a temporary option to help their children adjust to the divorce before transitioning to a more traditional custody plan.

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