Your Responsibilities as a Parent During School Breaks

No Breaks From Parenting

School breaks can be challenging for parents who work or are otherwise unable to care for the child during the day. Even for non-custodial parents with parenting time, school breaks may pose special challenges. The changing schedules of both parent and child along with special activities over breaks can make it difficult to stick to your normal parenting time routine. You have certain responsibilities as a parent during school breaks, regardless of who has custody. Your main responsibility is making sure your child has adequate supervision when not in school and that you speak with the custodial parent before you try to change your parenting time.

Plan Ahead

Fulfilling all your responsibilities as a parent and making sure your child’s school break is well spent can be accomplished with planning. Look at the schedule of breaks for your child’s school. If you want to adjust your parenting time over the break, discuss it with the other parent as far in advance as possible. Don’t assume because your child isn’t in school you can disrupt the other parent’s custodial time. If you want to bring your child on vacation during a school break or otherwise change your parenting time, you will either have to get the other parent to agree or have a judge grant you permission.

You have responsibilities as a parent while your child is on break from school, but you also have rights. For example, you have a right to appropriate parenting time. Take advantage of this right. Ask for more time if your child is home from school. Offer to watch your child while the other parent cannot. If you have the right of first refusal, the custodial parent must offer you parenting time before he or she turns to third-party childcare providers. If this right is not included in your parenting plan, speak with an attorney about what you can do to exercise this right if the custodial parent isn’t being cooperative.

If you have questions about your rights and responsibilities as a parent while your child is on break, speak with an experienced New Jersey child custody attorney. You have a responsibility to care for your child during your parenting time as well as a responsibility to keep the custodial parent informed. An attorney can make sure your parenting plan and parenting time schedule protect your child’s best interests and your rights as a parent. An attorney can also make sure you are aware of your responsibilities as a parent and help you do what it takes to stay in compliance with an existing custody order or parenting plan.

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