When Children Fabricate Abuse

Many people believe children never lie about abuse, but this belief can have disastrous results. Child psychologists have argued children can and do fabricate instances of abuse. The reasons for this are many. One of the more common reasons is parental alienation.

When Children Fabricate AbuseParental alienation occurs when one parent turns the child against the other. This is often done in an effort to manipulate the other parent, but the child is subject to manipulation during the process. Alienating a child against the other parent can result in a child:

  • Harboring resentment toward the other parent
  • Perceiving one parent is the “bad guy.”
  • Believing falsehoods about the other parent
  • Turning against the other parent, and
  • Telling other adults that the other parent was abusive

Under the pressures of parental alienation, a child may easily fabricate acts of abuse to gain approval from the instigating parent. In severe cases, the child actually believes he or she was abused, despite no abuse ever taking place. Typically, the child will be interviewed if he or she makes any claims to abuse. The child may speak with a child psychologist, child psychiatrists, or even a physician, all of whom can work to uncover what is really going on. Because of the seriousness with which a child’s claim of abuse must be taken, these types of cases can become complex and are best handled by a child welfare defense attorney.

When you are facing false allegations of child abuse because of something your child said, speak with an experienced New Jersey child welfare and child custody attorney. An attorney can review the evidence available and arrange to have your child talk with professionals who can help ascertain what is going on. If it is a case of parental alienation or manipulation, a psychological or another mental health professional can work to root out the true cause. Your attorney can work to ensure fabricated stories of abuse are uncovered for what they really are, so you can clear your name.

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