The Role of a Child Welfare Attorney

Child welfare cases are between the state and the parents. The dispute is over what is in the best interests of the child. For the parent, the child welfare litigation process is taxing. It will feel like it is you against a questionable child welfare system that has made mistakes in the past. You want to protect your right to keep your family together and make sure the agency makes no mistake in your case. You are basically fighting for the right to have your child stay with you, a battle no parent wants to face.

Many parents who face this battle seek legal advice from a child welfare attorney. A child welfare attorney can serve as an advocate, advisor, and legal representative during the case. A child welfare attorney also can help parents defend their right to familial integrity.

These are simply generalizations on what an attorney can do. But it helps to be more specific about what a difference an attorney can make in the case. In a child welfare case where a child’s placement or a parent’s rights are in question, an attorney can ensure the parent’s rights are not violated and that they exercise every right they are afforded.

One way that an attorney can help defend a parent’s rights is to keep that parent fully informed throughout the case. An attorney can obtain copies of all documents pertaining to the case, documents the parents would not necessarily be given copies of to begin with. An attorney an also explain the decisions and actions of the court and the DCP&P. Many parents feel taken advantage of during the child welfare case process simply because they don’t have all the important facts, pertinent documents, and aren’t given clear explanations of all the decisions made.

With the help of an attorney, a parent can take advantage of every opportunity and protect every right he or she has. An attorney also works as an advocate, making sure the DCP&P makes reasonable efforts to keep the child safe in the home and that all decisions are based off of the correct facts. Lastly, an attorney can advise parents on what they can do to increase their chances of a favorable outcome in the case. Prevailing in a child welfare case is part defense and part offense, and a child welfare attorney can help you strategize for both.

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