When Exaggerated or Untrue Accusations of Abuse Enter the Picture

In previous works, we’ve discussed the horrendous problems that can be unleashed when you’re falsely accused of abusing or neglecting your child. Even if you clear your name and reputation – and salvage your relationship with your child – the sting of the fight over the allegations can last for years and damage or negatively alter many relationships in your life.

In the case of alienation, a desperate instigating parent may make up allegations, exaggerate problems, and persist in inventing claims even after you have been cleared of any wrongdoing. Here’s the basic problem. Once the instigating parent gets the notion that abuse or neglect is occurring (or might be occurring), it’s very hard to unring that bell.

Meanwhile, if the child is prone to listening to the instigating parent, things can get even more out of control and lead not only to problems with the relationship but also to legal problems for you that could lead to job loss, fines and possibly jail time.

Even if you can disprove any allegations in court, the child may still come to believe the narrative constructed by the instigating parent. The fact that you will have “evaded justice” may only stoke the child’s righteous indignation, leading to a vicious cycle that can make unwinding the damage to the relationship almost impossible.

Small incidences can be blown out of proportion to paint a misleading picture. For instance, let’s say that one night, you are too tired from fighting in court to cook a fresh dinner, so you order pizza. The instigating parent discovers this decision and, because she views everything you do in a harsh light, concludes that you have “malnourished” your child and put him or her at risk of diabetes. Stern words said over unfinished homework can be twisted to make it sound like you’re verbally abusive in general. A child’s cell phone video taken of you losing your temper over the dog making a mess in the kitchen can suddenly become evidence of your “violent personality.”

Correcting these distortions can feel like a game of plugging a bursting dam with your fingers. There’s only so much you can do to keep things from crashing in on you.

Again, the key is to develop a robust but flexible strategy for counteracting these accusations (and/or dealing with their legal and custody related implications, if it’s gone that far) by working with an attorney who has experience managing these cases.

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