What Happens to Child Support if My Child Is Taken From Me?

What Happens to Child Support if My Child Is Taken From Me?

Sustained Support

Every child has the right to financial support from both parents, regardless of who has custody. The responsibility to financially support your child doesn’t necessarily go away if you lose custody or if your child is taken from you. Even if your child is put in foster placement, you may still be required to pay child support. Because foster placement is only temporary, the foster parents do not take over your parental rights nor do they take on the permanent financial responsibility for your child.

When Child Support Ends

New Jersey child support can be terminated when the child turns 18 or becomes emancipated. Until your child reaches adulthood, however, and as long as you remain his or her legal parent, you must continue to provide financial support. It is only if someone adopts your child that your child support obligations along with your parental rights are terminated.

Health Insurance Considerations

Healthcare is a little different. All foster children are covered by Medicaid, which covers all necessary medical care. If your child support order includes healthcare coverage, speak with an attorney about how this might change if your child is placed in foster care. Your child can lose that coverage if he or she returns back home to you, so it is important to understand what your responsibilities are in regards to establishing, discontinuing, or reinstating health care coverage.

Speak with an experienced New Jersey child welfare and child custody attorney if your child has been taken from you. You may need some help navigating the child welfare process, but it is hard to do so without skilled legal representation. An attorney can make sure you are informed of your rights and responsibilities and have all the information you need to make good decisions in your case. Having a child in foster placement is a challenging and stressful experience. You want to do everything you can for your child, but you will face some limitations and barriers. An attorney can make sure you are doing all you can for your child while he or she is in foster placement.

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