Unreasonable Ex? How to Navigate Your Divorce in One Piece

Unreasonable Ex? How to Navigate Your Divorce in One PieceWe’ve all heard the stories of just how difficult spouses can be during divorce. From hiding assets to making false allegations of child abuse, unreasonable exes are all too common and can make divorce a living nightmare. To help you navigate your contested divorce while tempering the temper of your unreasonable spouse, follow these tips.


Study Up on Your Rights


The first thing you should do is to learn about your legal rights in the New Jersey divorce process. Once you know your rights, it’s much easier to stand up for what you deserve. For example, New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. If your spouse is threatening to take everything, politely explain what equitable distribution means and what that entitles you to. Another area many unreasonable spouses try to stake a claim in is custody. New Jersey family law courts always make custody decisions with the child’s best interests in mind. If your spouse is being unreasonable and claiming he or she will get full custody, try to document the threats as best you can. They may come in handy later in court when the judge decides what home environment would be best for your child.


Be Patient and Calm


I know this one is hard to follow, but divorce is more a marathon than a sprint. If your spouse is immediately putting up roadblocks to trip you up, take your time and walk around them. Don’t react to unreasonable threats or demands. Take a deep breath, trust in your rights, and take comfort in the fact that unreasonable and demanding spouses eventually lose steam while patience will help retain strength and confidence to see you through to the end.


Find an Attorney


Hiring a divorce attorney is a personal choice that you should heavily consider. If your ex is being unreasonable, however, a good divorce attorney will be critical to the success of your case. This is even truer if your ex’s attorney is similarly intractable.


In fact, these are the cases where attorneys are not only necessary, but they can do the most good. Depending on what tactics your spouse is employing to make your life miserable, it may be wise to avoid communication altogether and let your attorney do the talking for you. Here the point is not to let your spouse get to you, which can undermine your confidence and hurt your chance of getting a fair settlement.

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