Name Changes Following a Divorce in Short Hills

If you want to complete a marital name change in New Jersey, here are some steps to get you started. Ask the court for a name change during your divorce proceedings. If you change your name as part of your divorce, you won’t have to file for a formal name change in the civil court, which involves a lot of legwork and a fee. If the family court grants your request, your marital name change will become a part of your divorce judgment.

Your divorce attorney can request a marital name change either in your Complaint for Divorce, if you file, or the Answer if your spouse filed first. If these pleadings were filed before you decided to change your name, you could ask the family court to amend your pleadings to include your marital name change.

If you kept your married name and changed your mind after your divorce was finalized, you can ask the family court for a post-judgment motion. This will include a little more paperwork than including it in your original divorce filing, but it’s always an option. If you need help changing your name following a divorce in Short Hills, reach out to our dedicated attorneys.

Additional Steps for Changing Your Name After Divorce

Once you have your final divorce judgment, you can use a certified copy to change your name on your driver’s license, social security card, and other important documents. These authorities will not automatically change your name, so you will have to contact each one to determine the process.

Family courts in Short Hills almost always grant marital name changes in divorces if all the requirements are met. If you are involved in a bankruptcy at the time of your divorce, however, a name change request could be denied. Speak with an attorney if you want to know whether the court is likely to grant your request.

It’s best to notify your divorce attorney of your wish to change your name as soon as possible. This will minimize paperwork and ensure your name change will be effective when your divorce is finalized. Most people prefer this option. Others don’t want the hassle of changing their name. In New Jersey, you do not have to change your name during a divorce, and your spouse cannot contest it. The decision is yours.

Contact a Short Hills Attorney to Learn More About Name Changes After a Divorce

Changing your name can give you a fresh start, which can be healthy after a divorce. It’s also relatively easy if you have an attorney include the marital name change request in your divorce pleadings. Consult with an experienced divorce lawyer if you want to change your path to a starting anew. Do you have questions about marital name changes? If so, Williams Law Group, LLC can help. Our skilled attorneys can help your name change following a divorce in Short Hills.

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