Things to Consider in Short Hills Child Custody Cases

Child custody is a determination on the legal rights of parents to make decisions for their child as well as their child’s primary residence. This is a central component of any divorce involving minor children, so it is important to prepare for custodial court proceedings to help ensure an efficient and positive outcome.

There are several things to consider in Short Hills child custody cases before entering litigation with your ex. Enlist the help of an experienced child custody attorney who can advocate for your parenting rights and advise you on the lesser known aspects of family law.

Primary Residence in Short Hills

The custody component of any divorce case involving children must address where each party plans to live after their marriage is dissolved. For example, a parent may wish to relocate farther away from their ex-spouse, thereby affecting the child’s transportation time, the school district they reside in, and whether they have to change their primary physical and mental health providers. All of these factors must be evaluated when dealing with custody issues in a divorce.

A child might also have special needs to consider, such as a physical or mental impairment that makes it more appropriate for them to spend time with one parent more than the other. Because primary residence and parenting time are so dependent on the specific circumstances of each child custody case, it is important for a divorcing parent to reach out to a dedicated attorney in our area to ensure every detail is accounted for.

Considering the Future in Child-Sharing Arrangements

What the parties agree to today may not take into consideration all of the variables and factors that could impact the child-sharing arrangement in the future. For example, parents may be thinking about what currently works for their five-year-old and forget to consider a parenting schedule for when their child is an adolescent. They also may neglect to consider future changes in employment status or the location of their jobs, all of which could affect a visitation plan down the line.

If the parents do not have specific defaults in their agreement to address those future matters, the issue of child custody could become hotly contested and cause discord between the parties’ post-divorce. Accordingly, Short Hills parents dealing with custody issues should consult a local legal professional on what to consider for their children’s futures.

Can Child Custody be Modified?

If there is a legal change in circumstances that is substantial and enduring, the parents can revisit and renegotiate the issue of child custody. Some common reasons for custody modification in our area include:

  • A change of residence of the child
  • Deterioration in the child’s academic status
  • Significant passage of time from when custody was initially decided
  • A change in the child’s desires and connections with both parents

A parent whose custody agreement no longer fits their current situation should discuss options for pursuing modification with a skillful family lawyer in our community.

Common Mistakes in Short Hills Child Custody Cases

As a parent, you have the best understanding of what matters most to you and your child. However, your child-sharing arrangement must address certain legal components that you may not think to consider. Those without professional legal guidance also may make mistakes based on preconceived notions of bases for child custody.

For example, parents entering marriage dissolution proceedings may not know that financial issues are often handled separately from child custody disputes. New Jersey law favors parents who do not attempt to use their financial status when addressing issues of child custody. If the Short Hills court learns that a parent tried to trade financial claims for a determination on child custody, it can be perceived poorly. A well-practiced attorney can advise parents on other common mistakes to avoid in legal proceedings.

Ask a Short Hills Child Custody Attorney about What to Consider

It can be difficult to take every potential factor into account, especially since most custody agreements cannot anticipate all the changes a child will experience as they grow. However, our diligent family law attorneys can walk you through all the important things to consider in Short Hills child custody cases. To learn more about how our legal team can help you, give us a call today.

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