New Beginnings: Moving on After a Custody Battle

After the Conflict

New Beginnings: Moving on After a Custody Battle
A custody battle can leave a family in pieces. The parents often hold resentment, and the child may be traumatized by the ongoing conflict. Once a New Jersey custody case is resolved, that family must return to normal life, though their “normal” might be changed. But moving on after a custody battle is possible if you keep the following tips in mind.

Focus on What’s Important

Being a parent is an on-going job. Before, during, and after your custody battle, you need to remember you are a parent first and foremost. Your role as a parent is to raise your child right. After a custody battle—whether you have shared custody or parenting time—try to focus on parenting, not what the other parent did to you or your child. Life must go on after custody battles.

Look Out for Your Well-being

Custody battles rip families apart. After your case has resolved, make sure you take some time to reconnect with the friends and family who supported you during your struggles. Reconnect with who you are as a person and a parent. Custody fights bring out the worst in people because there is nothing more important than your family. Working on finding your own happiness will also help your child deal with the trauma they’ve been through as well.

Stay on Your Toes

At the same time, make sure you follow your parenting plan and parenting time schedule closely, and hold the other parent accountable to do so as well. Parents who are unhappy with the outcome of their custody case sometimes disobey the court orders they must follow. Subversive tactics like showing up late to exchange your child can work to undermine your authority as a parent over time. Custody modifications are quite common because your child’s needs may change as he or she grows. Make sure your custody order and parenting time schedule are in the best interests of your child from the start. But don’t hesitate to consult with an attorney about modifications if the other parent is blatantly disobeying the court orders or is otherwise not looking out for your child’s best interests.

Again, don’t be afraid to speak with a New Jersey child custody attorney if you have concerns about your custody order or parenting time schedule. An experienced child custody attorney can help you get a custody order that protects your child and your role as a parent.


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