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Children are usually trusting of the adults who care for them. Sadly, some adults abuse this power and leave long-lasting physical, emotional, and psychological damage. Victims of child abuse may require treatment for the rest of their lives.

If someone abused you as a child, or if you suspect that a child is in danger, reach out to our experienced attorneys as soon as possible for confidential consultation. Alternatively, if you have been falsely accused of harming a child, you need legal representation as well. At the Williams Law Group, LLC, a Maplewood child abuse lawyer can provide compassionate advocacy in this difficult time.

What is Child Abuse?

Many people think child abuse involves violence. Some cases of abuse are physical, in which bruises, broken bones, and other marks may be evident on the child’s body. However, any caregiver who compromises a child’s physical or emotional stability can be categorized as abusive.

Abuse can also be verbal, such as emotionally traumatizing threats. If a parent, guardian, or caregiver fails to provide basic care for child, this could also constitute child neglect and abuse. This is evident when a child is not properly fed, bathed, or afforded essential medical care.

Child Sexual Abuse

New Jersey’s age of consent for sexual relations is sixteen. Any activity by someone older than the consenting age against someone younger can be considered child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse occurs when adults or adolescents force, pressure, or manipulate children, regardless of their age, into an act for the sexual gratification of the abuser. This could lead to legal charges, both criminal and civil.

New Jersey’s Revised Legislation Regarding Child Sexual Abuse

Before December 2019, New Jersey victims of child sexual abuse were subject to a statute of limitations. This required victims to sue those who abused them before they turned twenty or within two years of when they became aware of the abuse.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy extended that time limit until the sex abuse victims turn 55 years old or until seven years pass from when they understood they were abused. For those initially banned from filing suit, the law also gives up to two years to file one.

A Maplewood child abuse lawyer could help a victim recover compensation for the psychological damage caused by their abuser. An experienced lawyer could also target the institutions that allowed the abuse to continue when seeking restitution.

The Effects of Childhood Abuse

All forms of childhood abuse can leave long-lasting psychological scars. Many victims suffer from depression throughout their lives and may need extensive counseling to overcome their trauma. Other common conditions that stem from child abuse include:

  • Low self-esteem and eating disorders, often from verbal abuse and name-calling
  • Relationship, intimacy, and trust issues from early sexual abuse, neglect, or emotional abuse
  • Health issues, including ongoing pain and cognitive impairment from lack of proper nutrition or physical abuse
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Sleeping disorders and recurring nightmares
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Personality disorders

Seeking treatment for these conditions can be financially burdensome for victims. A compassionate Maplewood child abuse attorney could help victims get the care they need by pursuing compensation in a civil claim.

Call a Maplewood Child Abuse Lawyer to Get Justice

Even after the physical and psychological abuse has ended, it may take a lifetime treatment for a child to recover from their trauma. At the Williams Law Group, LLC, our compassionate attorneys could fight to hold the abusers accountable and seek compensation for medical costs, counseling, and other related losses.

If you or someone you know has been victimized, or if you are dealing with unfounded allegations of child abuse, let a legal professional help you. Call our Maplewood child abuse lawyers to schedule an initial appointment and explore your legal options.

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