How to Get Visitations Supervised

How to Get Visitations SupervisedParenting Time Precautions


Concerned parents can ask that the non-custodial parent’s parenting time be supervised by a third party. Supervised visitation is common in cases involving domestic violence, abuse, neglect, or substance abuse. It is also effective when reintroducing a parent into a child’s life after a period of no communication. Children and parents can spend time together in a safe and monitored environment to ensure the parent’s rights can be exercised and the child benefits from being with his or her parent, all while ensuring the safety of the child.

If you are asking for supervised visitation, here are a few things you should be aware of:

In most cases, judges order supervised visitation for only a period of time. If the visitations go well and the supervisor has no cause for concern, the restriction for supervised visitation may be lifted after a review hearing or hearings. The restriction may also be lifted if the parent completes certain steps he or she was ordered to do, such as substance abuse evaluations or domestic violence classes. Asking for indefinite supervision will make the custodial parent appear unreasonable and not genuinely motivated by the child’s best interests.

A judge will only order supervised visitation if it is in the child’s best interests to do so. Having parenting time supervised can increase the safety of the child, but it also has its drawbacks. It limits when and where the parent and child spend time together and in front of whom, and therefore can inhibit the parent-child bond in some respects. Consequently, judges do not order supervised visitation without first considering whether it will truly benefit the child.

To ask for supervised visitation, the custodial parent must provide evidence that this would be in the child’s best interests. So, you should come to court prepared to give evidence and reasoning for your request. Have a child custody attorney help you with this if you are unsure as to how to prepare for court.

Supervised visitation is not an effective measure to protect your child from immediate harm. If you have reason to believe your child is in imminent danger when with the other parent, take action to get temporary sole custody to protect your child. And always consult with a New Jersey child custody attorney when dealing with custody or parenting time issues in court. An attorney can help you defend your rights and take the steps needed to protect your child.


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