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Collaborative Divorce Attorney Serving Millburn, NJ

Do I need an attorney in a collaborative divorce?

If you are involved in a collaborative divorce, contact the Williams Law Group for assistance. Collaborative divorce is a friendly and convenient way of getting a divorce in New Jersey. When pronounced acceptable as the principle marriage breakdown, the divorce judgment takes effect in the relationship between spouses at the date of the order for non-conciliation. At the request of one of the spouses, the judge may set the effects of the judgment to the date on which they ceased to cohabit and collaborate.

The cessation of cohabitation is assumed termination of the collaboration. At the request of one or both spouses, the date of the divorce may become retroactive to that of the end of the coexistence and collaboration.

A collaborative divorce is based on a mutual understanding and co-operation of the two parties involved in the case. The main aim of a collaborative divorce process is to allow a clear and free flow of communication between the parties so that the divorce proceedings can be done in an amicable way. Both parties have the option to bring along their own divorce consultants and professionals. If you are seeking a collaborative divorce, contact the Williams Law Group for more information.

Several meetings are held during the collaborative divorce process to ensure a flow of communication between the parties involved in the presence of their consultants and professionals. The key goal is to achieve common consent that is in the best interests of both parties and their children (if any). The idea is to work together on a common faith basis to safeguard both spouses’ rights along with the rights of their children.

The Williams Law Group can advise you in cases related to collaborative divorce. We have utmost experience working on collaborative cases and can effectively represent you in New Jersey. Get in touch with one of our experienced collaborative divorce attorneys to schedule a confidential consultation.