Documents to Gather Before Divorce

Divorce is a watershed moment for most people, and all events in life can be measured by what comes before and what comes after.  Accordingly, the decision to move forward with that divorce is emotionally nuanced and involved.  There are many ways you can prepare for a divorce, such as seeking support from your family or mental health professionals.  Another important way to prepare for divorce is to start gathering particular documents.  Gathering the right documents while preparing for divorce can facilitate filing as well as assist your attorney in developing a strategy to help you reach your goals.

Documents relating to your asset are important to gather when preparing for divorce.  New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. This means that during a divorce, in the absence of a settlement agreement, a New Jersey judge will make an equitable distribution of the parties’ marital assets.  Most assets that either spouse receives during the marriage are marital assets.  Accordingly, any documents relating to those assets will help to divide those assets in a way that is fair and in line with New Jersey statutes. 

Similarly, documents relating to debt are essential when preparing for divorce.  These debts include not only debts like medical debt, student loans, and credit cards, but also regular recurring payments, such as cell phone bills or the mortgage.  During a divorce, a court can enter a temporary order establishing which spouse has to pay which bill while waiting for the entry of the final divorce decree.  Making sure you have these documents provides the court with a full and accurate picture of what bills need to be paid both during and after the entry of the decree.

Third, documents showing the income of each party are an important piece of the divorce puzzle.  If you and your spouse have children together, then child support will almost certainly be at issue in your case.  Child support is determined based on the income of both parents.  Accordingly, tax returns, pay stubs, 1099s, and evidence of rental income, just to name a few sources, are crucial to help the court know the accurate amount of income for each parent, which is crucial to set an accurate child support amount.

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