Decoding AVVO Ratings

Decoding AVVO RatingsConnecting the Public to Legal Services


AVVO is an online legal services marketplace that provides easy to access legal information and attorney referrals to consumers. Founded in 2006 by a former legal counsel at Expedia, AVVO serves the public by helping people who need legal advice connect with quality attorneys. AVVO also provides attorney ratings, information about disciplinary actions, and client testimonials, all geared toward helping the public make informed decisions when hiring attorneys. But what do AVVO ratings mean and how can you use them to find the right attorney for you? Our firm believes it’s essential to educate the public on these issues because hiring an attorney is an important investment.

AVVO Ratings


Ratings are calculated using AVVO’s proprietary algorithm. The ratings are simply numerical scores; so don’t rely solely on ratings when looking for an attorney. The scores are calculated using only information AVVO collects (typically publically available) and information attorneys provide, so they don’t paint the entire picture. They do, however, offer an easy to understand rating from 1 (extreme caution) to 10 (superb), with 10 being the highest rating awarded. AVVO’s rating scale includes:


  • 0-1.9: Extreme Caution
  • 0-2.9: Strong Caution
  • 0-3.9: Caution
  • 0-4.9: Concern
  • 0-5.9 Average
  • 0-6.9: Good
  • 0-7.9: Very Good
  • 0-8.9: Excellent
  • 0-10.0: Superb


Not included in the ratings are the scope of the attorney’s knowledge, success rates, and “soft traits” like communication, approachability, and personality. Mathematical ratings cannot do these specific factors justice, so AVVO is limited in what information it can convey.


The AVVO Advantage


Numbers, acronyms, and other symbols can make navigating the legal services marketplace arduous, but decoding them is easier than you think. AVVO comes from the Italian word for lawyer: avvocato. And the information AVVO provides is just as simple. The higher the rating, the more favorable an attorney’s background, according to AVVO’s algorithm. AVVO is unbiased, meaning attorneys cannot pay to improve ratings or hide negative information. Every attorney is judged based off of the same standards.


Finding the Right Attorney for You


The Williams Law Group is proud to have an AVVO rating of 10 (superb). But we encourage you to consider an attorney or a firm holistically. Look beyond AVVO ratings by asking attorneys about their knowledge, their past case results, and their firm practices, all of which can significantly impact your experience when working with an attorney.


A personal referral may give you more peace of mind, but every family law case is unique. The attorney your sister used for her divorce may not be right for you. Likewise, an attorney who handled your friend’s custody battle might not have the specialized experience you need. We recommend you use a variety of sources including consultations and AVVO ratings to find the attorney that is right for you.


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