Can I Represent Myself in a Custody Action?

Can I Represent Myself in a Custody Action?


Battling for Custody Alone


Few matters are more important than the custody of your child. Navigating a custody action in court can be confusing, stressful, and full of uncertainty, especially if you are doing it on your own. Many parents wonder if they can represent themselves in a custody action. You do have the right to represent yourself and handle your case without a lawyer. But, just because you are permitted to represent yourself in a custody action doesn’t always mean you should. Many complications could arise, and you will need to understand what you need to do to achieve the outcome you desire.

What You Need to Do

Custody matters are involved, and the stakes are high. Seeking custody or a custody modification isn’t as easy as filling out a few forms and filing them with the court. If you are seeking custody, you will need to demonstrate that it would be in your child’s best interests. You will need to do the same if you are seeking a custody modification. Determining what is in your child’s best interests can be difficult because many factors must be weighed. When the judge makes a decision on custody, he or she will consider factors such as:

  • Your preference for custody
  • Your child’s specific needs
  • Your ability to meet those needs
  • Your ability to get along with and communicate effectively with the other parent
  • Your work responsibilities
  • Your proximity to the other parent’s house
  • The stability of your home environment

These are just a few of the many issues that need to be considered to determine what type of custody arrangement is in the best interests of the child. The judge must consider these variables and listen to both your and the other parent’s argument before making a decision.

With so many variables, it is essential you speak with an experienced New Jersey child custody attorney before you attempt to represent yourself in a custody action. The judge can deny your request, so it is important to have skilled legal guidance during the process. A knowledgeable attorney can evaluate the factors most relevant to your case and present them to the judge in a clear and compelling manner.


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