What Is the Child Placement Review Board?

What Is the Child Placement Review Board?Ensuring Proper Placement

The Child Placement Review Board is a board of court-appointed volunteers who monitor child welfare placements. The Review Board becomes involved whenever the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P), New Jersey’s child welfare agency, places a child outside of his or her home.

Created in 1978 under the Child Placement Review Act, the Child Placement Review (CPR) Boards review placements for their safety and appropriateness. The volunteers are citizens who are chosen to reflect the diversity of the county they reside in. These volunteers serve on county specific boards, and each county in New Jersey has at least one CPR Board. Board members must complete CPR Board training before assuming the position and must complete continuing education training sessions each year after that. The CPR Board will first become involved in a child’s placement during an enhanced 45-day review. After a thorough review, the Board will make a recommendation to the judge.

The CPR Board members will review each placement for:

  • The health and safety of the child
  • The circumstances of the placement
  • Any obstacles that could prevent the DCP&P from finding a safe and permanent placement for the child

The Board will also consider whether the DCP&P has:

  • Met or provided resources for the specific needs of the child
  • Placed the child with siblings
  • Promoted sufficient visitation with the parents and any siblings
  • Attempted to place the child with relatives
  • Scheduled a medical examination for the child

The CPR Board provides a neutral, third-party review of each placement to ensure it is in the best interests of the child. If the placement is not in the best interests of the child, the Board will include that conclusion and any reasoning in the recommendation to the judge.

If you have questions about CPR Boards, as either a concerned parent or caregiver, speak with an experienced New Jersey child welfare attorney. An attorney can explain the role of the CPR Board and what will be considered in each review. An attorney can also help you ensure the Review Board’s recommendation to the judge is in your child’s best interests.

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