Understanding the Parent Awareness Skills Survey (PASS)

Understanding the Parent Awareness Skills Survey (PASS)



Measuring Parental Awareness


In contested custody cases, experts such as psychologists and social workers may be called on to measure a parent’s skills, abilities, capacities and weaknesses. Among the many forms of testing, evaluation and assessment of a parent’s ability and capacity to effectively parent, the Parent Awareness Skills Survey (PASS) measures a parent’s sensitivity and responsiveness to typical childcare situations and challenges.

The PASS focuses on a parent’s awareness of:

  • The critical issues in a given situation
  • Adequate solutions to childcare and parenting problems
  • The need to communicate in terms a child can understand
  • The desirability of acknowledging a child’s feelings
  • The importance of the child’s own past history in the present circumstance
  • The need to pay attention to how the child is responding in order to fine tune one’s own response

The PASS and other forms of assessing a parent’s capacity for effective parenting are not meant to be deterministic but rather help identify the strengths and weaknesses each parent has. By assessing a parent’s awareness of optimal parenting skills, the PASS can generate valuable information that can lead to a custody decision that is in the child’s best interests. When making a decision on custody, the judge will consider many other relevant factors such as the child’s specific needs and the ability of each parent to meet them.

Speak with an experienced New Jersey child custody and child welfare attorney if you have been asked to undergo an evaluation or assessment as part of a contested custody case. Many other types of tests and assessments of parents are used in contested custody cases, and each will have a specific aim and coordinating method of measurement. It is important to understand how the results of these can affect your case. It is just as important that you know what the test will be measuring and how to be prepared for it. A knowledgeable New Jersey child custody attorney can explain the purpose of the test or assessment, the types of questions you can be asked and how you can best respond to them. When child custody is on the line, the skilled legal guidance of an attorney can go a long way toward obtaining a custody order that is favorable to you and beneficial to your child.


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