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The Williams Law Group, LLC, is a Law Practice devoted to Child Welfare Defense (involving DYFS, now known as DCPP). When DYFS gets involved with families it can have devastating effects on children. As a result, families may tend to display physical, emotional, spiritual and economic stress as a result.

If you have been contacted by DYFS about your children, contact a Somerset DYFS attorney immediately. DYFS can affect families for a long time. Those who are exposed to these circumstances may have a hard time recuperating. Your family’s voice needs to be heard.

The Williams Law Group knows that the best place for your children is at your side. Loss or separation from family members and friends can have terrible consequences. We, at The Williams Law Group, understand that the family unit is of the utmost importance, DYFS can disrupt the atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding that your family has tried so hard to preserve. If you or your family are victims of DYFS, we can help you.

We can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the length of your proceedings. The stability of the family institution is The Williams Law Groups primary focus and we will represent you continuously and aggressively.

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DYFS is a painful process taking into consideration the emotional turmoil involved in it. It is not easy but our team of dedicated Somerset County DYFS lawyers can make it less painful by providing you the right support and standing by you throughout the case. We have dealt tactfully and efficiently with various sensitive DYFS cases in the past and can assist you in fighting for your rights.

The Williams Law Group focuses on the following legal areas: domestic violence, DYFS/DCPP, child abuse, family law, divorce, custody, criminal defense and matrimonial law.

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Your DYFS case will be held at Somerset County Courthouse. The phone number for Somerset County Courthouse is 908-231-7191 and the court is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, Monday through Friday.

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