Shared Custody and CPS Cases: Single Parent Problems

Shared Custody and CPS Cases: Single Parent ProblemsSingle Parent Problems

Single parents face many challenges. Unfortunately, some parents don’t have the support they need to care for their child properly on their own. And when parents with shared custody and CPS become involved, they could face a more significant challenge: that of fighting for their child.

Shared Custody and CPS Placements

When CPS investigates a referral of child abuse, it may try to find an alternative placement for the child. If caseworkers believe the child faces a risk of harm in the home, they may place the child with the other parent. Tragically, some parents take advantage of this tendency and make false allegations of child abuse against the other parent. This, in turn, can help them take control of the child and gain sole custody. But many attorneys caution against such a tactic. Not only is it unfair to the other parent and disruptive to the child, but it can also invite CPS into their home as well.

CPS will first make sure the placement with the other parent is in the child’s best interests. Caseworkers may screen the other parent to ensure the child can safely live full-time in their home. Complications can then arise if the parent facing child abuse allegations makes claims against the other parent, too. Then, before the parents can stop it, CPS can take the child and put him or her in foster placement with a stranger while it investigates both parents for abuse.

Think Before You Act

If you have shared custody and CPS is investigating you for child abuse, you need to be working with a New Jersey child abuse defense and child custody attorney. Only an attorney with experience handling both these types of cases can advise you on how you should best handle your case. False allegations of child abuse aren’t always disproved. Innocent parents can lose their custodial rights based on the results of a New Jersey CPS investigation. Likewise, if you are making allegations of abuse against the other custodial parent, don’t expect CPS and the family court to give you full custody. CPS must follow a certain protocol when it comes to placing children, and this may bring you too close to CPS for comfort. It’s best to consult with an attorney whenever dealing with CPS with joint custody, so you make decisions in your child’s best interests.

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