Parent Work Schedules and Custody

Making it Work When Working


Working parents face innumerable challenges when raising a child, regardless of who has custody. Sharing your child’s time is also sharing your own time, and this can get complicated if you and the other parent work. Following a parenting plan and parenting time schedule can give your child stability, but work schedules can make this difficult. Here are some tips for working parents who have custody or parenting time:

If you are a working parent, make sure your parenting plan and parenting time schedule include proper provisions for your schedules. The parenting time schedule should be feasible for both parents. Shuffling your child between homes if you share physical custody can also be a significant challenge. A carefully crafted parenting plan will include a parenting time schedule that accommodates both your work schedules and includes provisions for third-party child care, contingency plans, and for when your child is not in school. You should have an experienced New Jersey child custody attorney help you with this. Without these provisions, you can face significant conflict down the road when trying to assert your parental rights. You may even end up in court again, so it is best to have an attorney help you develop a workable parenting plan from the start.

Know the consequences of failing to follow a parenting plan. The other parent can take you to court to enforce the order. In severe cases, you could lose your parenting time or custody rights altogether or even face criminal charges.

Enforce your rights if the other parent doesn’t follow the parenting plan. When you have to juggle work and raising a child, even minor schedule changes can have a big impact on you and your child. Make sure you are defending your rights, and speak with an attorney about how you can enforce a parenting plan in court.

Speak with an experienced New Jersey child custody attorney if you are a working parent and have concerns about custody and parenting time rights. It’s important for your child to spend time with both parents, but it’s also important to hold the other parent accountable if he or she encroaches upon your parenting time.


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