Offense vs. Defense: How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

Offense vs. Defense: How to Choose a Divorce Attorney


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Divorce is something we rarely envision ourselves going through. Nevertheless, roughly half of all spouses will face divorce at some point in their lives. But filing for divorce unprepared can be disastrous. You risk being taken advantage of, wasting money and time, and damaging your relationships with your child, your family and those you love. Having a good divorce attorney represent you can ease the pain of divorce and alleviate the stress of divorce litigation. But many people have not imagined what kind of divorce attorney they want, or, more importantly, need. So, what traits matter the most in a divorce attorney? What kind of experience does he or she need? How will I know he or she can handle my complicated case? These are questions I am asked every day working in matrimonial and family law.

Finding the right divorce attorney first requires identifying your priorities, which is a common first step when you are hiring any attorney. Start by asking yourself some questions to clarify what kind of outcome you want and what you are willing to do to get it, such as:

How quickly do you want to get divorced? Are you eager to compromise so you can move on or willing to take some time so you can get the outcome you deserve? A more aggressive attorney can fight for what you deserve, while a mediation-minded attorney might work hard to negotiate an agreement between you two.

Will your spouse be reasonable? Divorce is adversarial; you and your spouse need to look out for your best interests. You should ask yourself honestly how you think your spouse will behave throughout the divorce. A more aggressive attorney can defend your rights if your spouse is unreasonable, but it isn’t always wise to fight fire with fire.

What are the major issues in dispute? Is it custody, finances or personal property? If you have a particularly complex custody case or a high-net-worth, you should consider finding a divorce attorney who focuses on one of these areas. Likewise, is domestic violence or child abuse involved? Even if the allegations are false, make sure you find an attorney who can handle such a complex case.

With those questions in mind, you should talk to a few New Jersey divorce attorneys about what kind of approach they recommend given your goals and your spouse’s tendencies. Sometimes it comes down to whether you want to fight back or try to negotiate, and an attorney can help you determine what the best course of action is for you.


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