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Ocean County Family Lawyers

You may be required to attend Ocean County family court if you are undergoing a tough divorce or custody dispute.

If so, you may be feeling scared, alone and helpless. The Williams Law Group Ocean County family lawyers want you to know your feelings are common.

No matter how a marriage ends, there are going to be hurt feelings. This often plays out in custody, child support and spousal support. This is why it’s imperative that the first steps you take are to protect yourself.

Family law is complex and difficult to understand. We have seen too many people try to learn on their own how to navigate the family court system and simply fail. This is tragic because it affects the rest of their life.

It is essential to know that – from the very start – your chances of a favorable outcome often depend on the quality of your legal representation.

The Williams Law Group’s Ocean County family law attorneys have years of experience in and out of the Ocean County family court on a daily basis. This means that we know the judges, we know the other lawyers and we know how to best navigate the system to reach your goals.


Our Family Law Practice

Our firm has experience in all types of family law matters. Our family attorneys are experienced in:

• Contested Divorce
• Uncontested Divorce
• Child Support
• Child Custody
• Parental Rights
• Adoption
• Domestic violence
• Protection Orders
• Child Abuse

The Williams Law Group attorneys are equality comfortable settling small matters for you outside of the the court as we are fighting for you inside of the courtroom. We do what’s right for you.

We have seen people in the family court system hire attorneys that do not take the time to listen to them. At the end of their legal proceedings, their lawyers may be happy, but the clients are not. We hate to see people in that situation.

That’s why we are committed to listening to you. We take the time to get to know you and come to a mutual understanding of your goals. We then translate them into action.


Our Lawyers Are Here For You

Throughout our history, we have helped countless mothers, fathers, and their children. We do this because we are dedicated, compassionate and experienced attorneys.

Your family’s future is too important to leave to the winds of chance. Choose the Williams Law Groups Ocean County family law attorneys to represent you. We care about our clients; your happiness is our happiness.


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