Criminal Defense

You have the right to defend yourself if you have been accused of a crime. The Williams Law Group makes sure your rights are respected and that you are treated fairly. As your defense lawyer, we consider each available way, as permitted by law, to defend our clients and try to prevent their conviction and obtain the least severe penalty allowable.

If You are Accused of a Crime

It is not always necessary for an accused to be represented by a lawyer. However, if you are accused of a crime, it is strongly recommended to consult a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer and to get personalized legal advice. Criminal cases are often complex matters that may require detailed analysis and understanding of several rules of law that are specific to crime.

The Williams Law Group provides specific legal and critical analysis of each case, verifying the regularity of the commencement proceedings and examining the elements of the offense which our clients are charged with in order to better defend, raise any irregularity or invalidity, and present arguments capable of leading to an acquittal or a moderation of the sentence.

Our group will defend you with rigor and with respect, which is the hallmark of our business structure.

As your Criminal Defense Lawyer

As your lawyer, we play a crucial role in the judiciary process from ensuring the legality of the proceedings, participating in investigations against-the facts, to delivering a cross-examination of witnesses, experts and the accused. We effectively ensure the recovery of your receivables and assure you receive the best defense possible when your rights are challenged.

Criminal Defense is one of the best known professional aspects of our group. We will ensure you get justice and fight for your rights.

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