Marriage Annulment in NJ

The Williams Law Group are experienced marriage annulment attorneys. By definition, annulment means that a marriage was never supposed to have existed and hence is void. It is a way of leaving a marriage without getting a divorce.

Marriage Annulment Attorneys

The annulment of marriage aims to restore the party involved to the state they were in before their wedding and acts as though their marriage never occurred. Annulment can be obtained only under limited circumstances. There are two cases or scenarios – the first case is when a marriage was already void from the very beginning and the second case in one in which an existing marriage is declared void.

The Williams Law Group knows all of the various reasons that a marriage may be deemed already void and non-existent and we will help you to attain a marriage annulment in a speedy and efficient manner.

Cause For Marriage Annulment

For example, non-consent of spouses is a valid reason for a marriage annulment NJ. If minors got married before they attained the legal age of 18, and if the concerned spouse or both spouses have reached the legal age of 18 and want to annul their marriage, their marriage may be treated as non-existent and our attorneys will handle the paperwork and navigate your case through the correct court channels.

Your marriage can also be treated as non-existent if you found out after your marriage that your spouse is impotent and you were not aware of the condition prior to the marriage. Likewise, mental problems or drug abuse that render either spouse unfit for marriage are also reasons to render a marriage non-existent and hence void from the start.

Court Ordered Marriage Annulment NJ

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In cases where the marriage did exist and needs to be annulled, the cancellation needs to be ordered by the court. The reasons to annul an existent marriage are generally on grounds of fraud from either one of the spouses. The most common fraudulent reason is that one of the spouses is not willing to have children and did not disclose the information prior to marriage. Violence and physical abuse are also deemed grounds to annul a marriage. In cases of religious differences, it is always advisable to consult the religious leaders as the laws and rules of the state might differ from the respective religious institution.

The value of marriage annulment is clear. Annulment helps void the marriage bond without having to go through the consequences of divorce. In such cases, the marriage will be canceled retroactively and it will be as if it never existed. Thus, the effects of marriage disappear in so far as they relate to the person or property of the spouses. If you are looking for a marriage annulment NJ, consult with the experienced team at Williams Law Group in order to understand the outcome and result an annulment will have. Contact our qualified attorneys today and be prepared.

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