Focus Your Goals: Your Attention Is Limited

As you review your plans and commitments, you’ll probably quickly be daunted by the scope of what you want to accomplish. For instance, you might want to:


  • Lose 15 pounds


  • Switch companies


  • Fight your allegations


  • Rebalance your financial plans in the wake a your divorce


You cannot take on all these projects at once. As a Chinese proverb warns: he who chases two rabbits catches neither. Focus is key. Restrict your focus to three or fewer mission-critical projects. Narrow your focus by identifying the current constraint in your life.

Here’s how to think about constraints. Imagine a factory that produces bowling balls. The process that makes the balls is probably quite complicated, involving many machines. But at any given point, one machine will always be the slowest. Improvements to other machines won’t make much of a difference in terms of how many bowling balls the factory can produce. However, improvements at the bottleneck can have an outsized positive effect.

For instance, let’s say the machine that polishes the balls to make them spherical is the pinch point. Double the speed of the hole-drilling, and not much will happen. Double the speed of the polishing machine, though, and the factory will pump out twice as many bowling bowls!

Likewise, in your life right now, there is some pinch point that’s limiting your energy, resourcefulness and concentration. If you can figure out what that pinch point is and do something about it, then your entire life should get easier, more manageable and happier.

Maybe your current constraint is psychological. You can’t stop replaying the “abusive” event in your head, or you can’t stop thinking about some awful thing your boss said to you after she heard about your ex-spouse’s allegations. Or maybe it’s financial: you’re in between jobs or just too disorganized financially to concentrate. Or maybe you’ve reached the limits of what you know about the legal process, and you’re stumped about how to handle your case. To be efficient and separate truly essential activities from optional ones, you need to know your constraint.

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