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Essex County Child Support Lawyers

It is essential that each child support case be closely scrutinized.

Each case is different and needs individual attention. That is the role of a seasoned family lawyer – to assist you in achieving the amount of child support that you warrant.

Because the Williams Law Group focuses on Essex County child support issues, we ensure that you are treated in the manner that you deserve.

Often, there are issues involving child support that are quite unclear. There are many child support situations that are not easy to solve.

For example, even under joint custody arrangements, one parent may have to pay the other parent. This is a simple example of cases that can be much more difficult to sort out.

The Essex County child support attorneys work in child support issues day in and day out. We work on cases that are cut-and-dry and on cases are are highly sensitive.


The Williams Law Group Will:

– Ensure all income is accounted for.
– Ensure net income is calculated correctly.
– Help you get or enforce a child support order, if necessary.

While many aspects of determining child support are objective, there are subjective calculations as well. That’s when you especially need good lawyers on your side.

We are veterans at putting together persuasive presentations of the facts as they relate to your case. We will help you think through the variables and prioritize what matters to you.

We make sure your child’s best interests are the focus of child support determinations.

The issues are sensitive and the figures are alarming: 40% of Essex County child support payments remain unpaid.


Separation Versus Divorce

In cases of separation between parents, if one of them defaults on their payment requirement, the other can file for a request and payment in Family Court.

In regards to divorce, the support to be paid to the spouse with whom the child resides is determined by the judge. This is at the judge’s discretion.

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