Custody Conflict: Your Options

Custody Conflict: Your Options


Combating Conflict

High-conflict custody cases can be emotionally trying. Resolving such issues can take months of legal battles. Meanwhile, the child in question suffers. While many people assume going to court is the only way to resolve contested custody cases, there are other options. In fact, the courts try to keep custody cases out of the courtroom as much as possible and often refer parents to various professional services to help them work through the conflict on their own.

If the court hasn’t already given you a referral, you may be wondering what options you have for dealing with custody conflict. Assuming you are unable to reach an agreement with the other parent, let’s take a look at what else you can try.

The court refers many parents to the Custody and Parenting Time Mediation Program. You can also opt to attempt mediation before you even take the matter to court. Many parents can reach an agreement with the help of a mediator, but they need to make some important decisions.

You can also choose to work with someone such as a parenting coordinator or parenting coach who can help you figure out what type of custody and parenting time arrangement would be best for your child.

When a case isn’t resolved through mediation or with the help of a parenting coordinator, the court may order an investigation of the character and fitness of the parents, the economic status of each parent, and the safety and appropriateness of each parent’s home environment as it pertains to custody. The information gathered from the investigation helps the judge make an educated decision on custody. If you are working with an attorney, he or she might also be able to arrange for a full parenting assessment or custody evaluation if you question the other parent’s fitness for custody.

Speak with an attorney about these options and what one is best for you. If you are unable to work through the conflict after trying one of these options, the court may have to decide. The judge will consider many factors when making a decision on custody and will make a decision that is the best interests of your child. Depending on your case, however, you might want to try to resolve your issues before this point because you typically cannot change a final custody order unless there has been a significant change in circumstances.


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