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Camden County Child Support Lawyers

Each child support situation is unique and must be subject to scrutiny. The role of an experienced family lawyer is essential to help you achieve a financial contribution that meets your expectations.

The Williams Law Group focuses on Camden County child support issues and can make sure you are treated fairly. Child support issues are not always straightforward. For example, in joint custody situations, often neither parent pays for child support. But if one parent’s income is lower than the other parents, that parent could be responsible to pay child support in order to make sure that the child’s expenses are covered while with either parent.

The Williams Law Group Will:

– Ensure all income is accounted for.
– Ensure net income is calculated correctly.
– Help you get or enforce a child support order, if necessary.

Determining child support for the upbringing and education of children can be a controversial issue. Should we only focus on economic criteria? Or should we take into account more subjective factors such as the actual needs of the child? Is any demographic disparity taken into account?

The issues are sensitive and the figures are alarming: 40% of Camden County child support payments remain unpaid.

Separation Versus Divorce

In cases of separation between parents, and default by one of them of their support payment obligation, the other may file for a request for payment in Family Court.

In cases of divorce, the judge will set the support to be paid to the spouse with whom the child resides. In fact, support is paid monthly by the parent not raising the child. It is set according to the resources of both parents and the child’s needs.

If you are facing problems with Camden County child support, call the Williams Law Group today for a consultation on your case.


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