The Benefits of Court-Mandated Child Custody Mediation in New Jersey

The Benefits of Court-Mandated Child Custody Mediation in New JerseyWhy the New Jersey Family Court Encourages Custody Mediation

The New Jersey family court frequently refers parents to court-mandated child custody mediation. Custody mediation serves a valuable purpose. Custody and parenting time matters are often contested. But some families find court decisions to be inappropriate. Mediation ensures the outcome meets the needs of the child. It’s difficult for the family court to achieve such an outcome on its own.

Court-Mandated Methods

The family court refers parents to custody mediation for a few reasons. When parents mediate their custody cases, they are often happier with the outcome. Parents are often more satisfied if they work together to reach an agreement. This translates to fewer custody modifications down the road. Ultimately, this saves the court resources.

But perhaps the most important benefit of court-mandated child custody mediation in New Jersey is the chance to develop a custody agreement that is in the best interests of the child. Parents can always modify custody orders if circumstances change. But modifications can have a detrimental effect on the child. Children thrive on routine and consistent caregiving. When parents aren’t happy with the outcome of their custody case, they are more likely to seek modifications. And repeated modifications can disrupt a child’s life.

When All Else Fails

Many parents are successful in court-mandated child custody mediation in New Jersey. But for those who cannot reach an agreement, the court will decide on the matter. This is sometimes best in cases involving child abuse, domestic violence, or harmful caregiving. Indeed, whenever the safety of the child is at stake, mediation can be risky. Parents are sometimes coerced into certain decisions in mediation.

If you are involved in a contested custody case in New Jersey, you should consult with a seasoned New Jersey child custody attorney. An attorney can help you decide if mediation is right for you. And, if the court orders to you go to mediation, an attorney can help you reach a favorable agreement. You should always consult with an attorney before agreeing to anything in mediation to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of, and the decision you make is legally sound.

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