4 Tips for Making Your Attorney Relationship Smooth and Seamless

1. Learn the law firm’s processes and systems.

How does the law firm prefer to work with clients like you? What are the attorneys’ expectations? How does the office work? Take time to learn these basics, not just to make things easier for the firm and its people, but also to ensure that your needs are always met.

2. Write down any questions and concerns you have, when you have them, so that you ask them in batches.

Our brains, unfortunately, do not work in a linear fashion. There is a reason why we compile things like grocery lists. It’s easy to forget that you need to buy batteries or fresh flowers when you’re at the grocery store and overwhelmed by sales and stimuli. You write things down, so you don’t have to remember them consciously.

Worries and ideas about your case will pop up at inopportune times, such as when you’re driving, when you’re showering, when you wake up in the middle of the night at 3 AM. Get into the habit of writing down these thoughts on index cards or post-it notes. Then compile this list for your lawyer. And then ask them all at once, via email, a phone call on at an in-person meeting. Doing this exercise will do two things for you. One, it will help you reclaim peace of mind; instead of worrying unproductively about your case, you’ll have a process to handle your concerns efficiently. Two, it can reduce your legal fees, because you’ll get more “legal stuff” done in less time and hence tally fewer billable hours.

3. Make sure you understand what is going on with your case and what you need to do.

Avoid needless stress and agitation. You should always understand what’s going on with your case, what the next steps will be, and what you should be thinking about or doing. Lean on your attorney and the law firm’s staff to get that clarity, consistently.

4. If the law firm isn’t a good match, for whatever reason, recognize the problem and take decisive corrective action.

For instance, for budgetary reasons, you may opt not to hire a private lawyer… only to find yourself frustrated by a lack of attention from your public defender. Or maybe your attorney fails to return your phone calls or emails, or the staff treats you rudely. Don’t be passive. Address your concerns directly, and try to work with your team to solve them. If problems persist, consider seeking a second opinion from a qualified attorney who has worked on DCP&P cases.

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