3 Moves That Will Guarantee a Call from New Jersey CPS

3 Moves That Will Guarantee a Call from CPS

State CPS agencies are tasked with protecting children from abuse and neglect. To do that effectively, they have to investigate every child abuse report. Not all investigations are conclusive, but there are a few moves that New Jersey CPS views as serious red flags. It’s best for parents to be aware of these so they can avoid them and the potentially serious consequences.

Want CPS Knocking on Your Door?

The New Jersey CPS agency, operated by DCPP (formerly DYFS), has to take every report of abuse or neglect seriously. But nothing will prompt a child removal faster than these:

Failing to Take Your Child to the Doctor

DCPP might check in with your family if you harm your child. It will also give you a call if you fail to give your child medical treatment and someone reports it. DCPP takes child neglect just as seriously as child abuse. And not taking your child to the doctor when he or she needs medical care is a form of neglect. We’re not talking about putting off teeth cleanings or well visits for a few weeks. But if your child has a serious condition that goes untreated, your child’s teachers or daycare providers could call the DCPP.

You have to provide your child with necessary medical treatment. If you can’t do so, DCPP might step in to help you. In these cases, DCPP might offer you services, like medical insurance for your child, so you can get him or her the treatment needed. But a caseworker will contact you and take immediate action, as some untreated medical conditions can be potentially life threating.

Leaving Your Child in a Hot Car

Many parents are aware of the dangers of leaving kids in hot cars. But what some don’t realize is how quickly a child can face serious injury or death when in a car. Even a few minutes in a hot car can harm a child. Most importantly, it doesn’t need to be a scorcher for concerned citizens to call 911 when they see a child locked in a car because many don’t know how long the child has been there. And once the police are called, DCPP is the next authority to be notified.

Reports of Sexual Abuse

DCPP acts swiftly on reports of sexual abuse. Although many sexual abuse reports are false and stem from spiteful parents in custody battles, caseworkers can’t take the risk. If someone makes a report of sexual abuse against you, expect a call or visit from DCPP very soon.

Responding to Red Flags

Caseworkers respond to all reports of child abuse or neglect, but these, in particular, can prompt immediate removal of a child. It’s traumatic when a child is abruptly taken from his or her family and put in foster placement. And once in foster placement, many parents have to fight tooth and nail to get their child back.

As soon as New Jersey CPS contacts you, tell them politely you’d like to speak with an attorney before you answer any questions. If they visit you in person, you have a right not to let them in. Your next step should be to call an attorney immediately. Involving an experienced New Jersey DCPP defense attorney is the best way to protect your child, your family, and your rights.

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