Facing Sexual Abuse Allegations

Facing Sexual Abuse AllegationsSerious Allegations

Child sexual abuse allegations aren’t easy to overcome. A substantiated allegation could mean a loss of custody, criminal charges, and a lifetime of sex offender registration. Because the stakes are so high, you should always seek legal counsel to learn about your rights and the investigation when facing child sexual abuse allegations. To help you feel informed when speaking with your attorney here is some basic information about sexual abuse allegations that could be helpful in your case.

Defining Sexual Abuse

New Jersey child abuse laws define child sexual abuse as an act of sexual contact or sexual penetration between a child under the age of 18 and an adult. Sexual contact is further defined as intentional touching by either the child or the adult, directly or over clothing, of the child or adult’s intimate parts for the adult’s sexual arousal or gratification. Sexual abuse does not have to physically injure the child to be considered abuse. A parent can even be found guilty of child sexual abuse for facilitating or failing to prevent sexual contact or penetration between an adult and the child.

Testimony Is the Key

In child sexual abuse cases, the child’s word plays a significant role. Often, there are no witnesses to child sexual abuse. Consequently, expert witnesses—such as physicians and child psychologists—are frequently called on to provide testimony on the condition of the child. Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) caseworkers typically interview child victims in a neutral space, and sexually abused children also undergo medical examinations. It can be very difficult to get sexually abused children to open up about their experiences, so their testimony is often combined with other forms of evidence, such as the results of an examination, to prove allegations.

The Complications With Children

Children can be traumatized from being interviewed and examined, and sometimes they aren’t able to articulate what happened to them and how they feel. As a result, it is not uncommon for these types of allegations to be false. If you are facing allegations of child sexual abuse, you should seek the advice of an experienced New Jersey child abuse defense attorney. An attorney can explain the statute on child sexual abuse and the process the DCP&P will take to investigate the allegations. An attorney can also explain your rights and help you take the right steps in your case defend your honor and clear your name.

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