3 Immediate Steps to Take If You Suspect Your Child Was Abused

3 Immediate Steps to Take If You Suspect Your Child Was AbusedSuspect Your Child Was Abused?

Many figures in a child’s life can be perpetrators of abuse. If you suspect someone in your child’s life abused him or her, how you respond will have a significant impact on how your child can cope and heal from such a traumatic experience. To help you navigate this emotionally trying situation, here are three steps you should immediately take if you suspect your child was abused.

Proactive Steps When You Suspect Abuse

First, attend to your child. React calmly. Tell your child this was not his or her fault and nothing bad will happen to them or the family. Avoid panicking. The most important thing you can do is talk with your child without pressure. To take proactive (and preventative) steps, you need to know who the abuser is and what happened. This can take some time as you discuss the abuse with your child.

Encourage Open (and Safe) Communication

Some children fear disclosing abuse to their parents because they think they will get in trouble or the abuser will be mad. Emphasize the important thing is he or she is safe and will remain safe in your care. Your child likely overcame some strong feelings when disclosing the abuse to you, so take the time to recognize their courage and tell them they did the right thing. Many children withhold disclosure simply because they fear they will not be believed. So make sure you take the disclosure seriously, even if you have doubts or concerns.

Safety First

The next most important thing to do is secure your child’s safety. Keep your child away from the abuser. How you do this will depend on who the abuser was. Was it a relative? A caregiver? A family friend? Take immediate steps to prevent any contact between the abuser and your child. CPS considers it child neglect if you knowingly fail to protect your child from the abuser.

Next, it’s essential you report the abuse. Involving the authorities can help protect your child and other children as well. It’s also important to provide accurate details while they are fresh in your mind. Report abuse to the New Jersey child abuse hotline.

If you suspect your child was abused, first make sure your child is safe, and then speak with an experienced New Jersey child abuse attorney. An attorney can walk you through the difficult steps of reporting the abuse to the right authorities and securing the safety of your child.

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