What Should I Do When My Child Is Temporarily Placed in Foster Care?

Short Term Action

When your child is in foster care, he or she will be under the care of his or her foster parents. Although you no longer will be able to care for your child on a day-to-day basis, there are many things you can do to remain involved in your child’s life and contribute to his or her care.

What Happens While Your Child is in Foster Placement

Foster placement is only short-term. While your child is in foster placement, the DCP&P must make efforts to find a permanent home for your child. This can mean your child either returns to you safely or is adopted. Even though foster placement is temporary, delays in the child welfare case process can mean your child is there longer than expected. Your child cannot return home until the DCP&P decides it is safe for him or her to do so. You should be speaking with your caseworkers about anything required of you and your rights during this process. Meeting those requirements and making changes that will increase the safety of your home should be your focus at this time.

What Else Can You Do

You should also stay involved in your child’s life and spend as much time as possible with him or her. Your caseworkers should be actively encouraging this. Work closely with your caseworkers on visiting your child as much as you can. You will have a visitation plan that you should make every effort to adhere to. You can also provide your child’s foster parents with information such as your child’s likes and dislikes, so they can best care for your child and make him or her comfortable. Your child’s food preferences, healthcare needs, and normal routine should be communicated. Provide this information to your caseworker if you cannot contact the foster parents directly.

Speak with an attorney if your child is in foster placement. You want to do everything you can to have your child return safely to you, but you will need the guidance of an experienced New Jersey child welfare attorney to do this. You need to stay active in your case to ensure your child can return home safely as soon as possible. Having a legal advocate on your side can facilitate this.

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