The Other Side of a Child Abuse Case: How to Keep CPS Out of Your Life

The Other Side of a Child Abuse Case: How to Keep CPS Out of Your LifeWhen Your Child Abuse Case Is Closed

You’ve dealt with CPS for months. Maybe you’ve agreed to a safety plan and even followed it word for word. Or maybe investigators came up with unfounded findings and said they would close your case. Whatever your history with CPS has been, you most likely want to take steps to keep CPS out of your life for good. But doing so can be challenging. CPS is notorious for making unreasonable and unnecessary demands of families and ultimately causing more harm than good. But you can help protect your family from further CPS involvement by following these steps.

Don’t Trust Caseworkers

New Jersey’s CPS agency is operated by the DCPP (formerly the DYFS). DCPP caseworkers are tasked with protecting your children. To do this, they may try to gain your confidences to get information from you. Typically, they don’t do this vindictively. Nevertheless, it’s important to remain silent or provide only basic information if asked, even if you were told your case was closed.

Watch Your Back

Even after DCPP caseworkers no longer check in on you and your family, you still should be careful. With the allegations in mind, make sure you don’t accidentally do something that could appear to anyone as child abuse or neglect. For example, if you were accused of neglect because your child wore dirty clothes to school a few times (yes, that does happen), make sure you send your child to school in clean clothes every day. Your child’s teachers will continue to keep an eye on your child even after DCPP has closed your case. They may even jump the gun and report child abuse or neglect for fear of losing their job.

Follow Through With Necessary Services

If DCPP recommends certain services for your family, don’t just ignore them. Accepting services, even unnecessary ones, and having proof of it can help your case should you ever be accused of child abuse again. If you disagree with the services the DCPP offered, speak with an attorney.

Contact an Attorney

No matter how you were involved with DCPP or where you’re at in your case, it’s a good idea to consult with a New Jersey child abuse defense attorney. Ask questions to help you better understand your rights, and you’re your attorney’s number handy in case you need legal guidance. If DCPP comes knocking on your door again, which not infrequently happens, you will have an attorney whom you trust you can call on for help.

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