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At the Williams Law Group, we are highly trained in New Jersey matrimonial law, and we have a deep understanding of the issues you are currently facing. We understand that few experiences can bring you as much upheaval as a divorce, and we want you to know that you do not have to go through this turmoil alone. Further, we do not stop the moment your divorce is final. While many people breathe a huge sigh of relief when they receive their final divorce decree, others may find themselves sad and depressed when they realize their marriage is truly over. Not only do we take care of the legal side of your divorce, we are committed to helping you through the emotional roller-coaster as well. The Williams Law Group can help you with any number of matrimonial law issues, including the many issues which accompany separationdivorce, and annulment such as:

  • Filing legal pleadings, including petitions and motions
  • Identifying and tracing marital assets
  • Determining business divisions
  • Determining business valuations
  • Calculating and obtaining spousal support
  • Calculating complex asset, equity and debt division
  • Obtaining protective orders
  • Participating in Alternative Dispute Resolution (arbitration, mediation, informal settlements)
  • Responding to discovery
  • Preparing requests for discovery
  • Seeking post-judgment modifications
  • Seeking enforcement of spousal support and child support
  • Trial Advocacy

With a team of professional, experienced attorneys whose goal is to get you through your matrimonial issues, you can stop shouldering the entire burden, and move forward in your life. The team at the Williams Law Group will really listen during your consultation. We truly want to know what your goals and your hopes are for your future, and we will work hard to help you attain them.

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