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The Williams Law Group has great experience in NJ marriage laws and defending the best interests of our clients. Our firm is characterized by our advanced professional services, our aggressiveness and our understanding of family law matters.

Marriage laws protect spousal rights and ensure equality. Family and marriage laws guarantee equal rights and responsibilities between men and women within marriage and upon divorce and dissolution of marriage. They ensure that all marriages are entered into with the free and full consent of both parties, establish a system of registration of marriages and births, provide a conjugal property system, protect the inheritance rights of widows, prohibit polygamous marriages and ensure that both parents receive equal rights and responsibilities with regard to children during marriage, upon divorce and dissolution of marriage, and children born outside of marriage.

Our team of family law attorneys is highly qualified and have great experience in marriage and family laws in New Jersey. Our firm has set a goal to provide the best services and support to our clients in all cases related to family, marriage, and child support and we operate in all counties of New Jersey.

The quality of services provided by The Williams Law Group involves mastery of administrative and judicial procedures, including at the highest state level and the ability to offer the most specialized legal and strategic advice in family and divorce matters.

We practice all areas of family law and offer the best service to our clients. For urgent matters, you may also contact a lawyer by phone or request a quote for an appointment in the office.

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